Follow your passion

It started 45 years ago,a small town girl came to Bollywood to enrol at the country's best design institute, I had secured to golden ticket, admission in a leading textile design course. However the family stopped me , in those days design was not seen as a serious career and left to the rich who didn't need to make a living. Instead I was asked to enrol in chemistry degree course, for which i had absolutely no passion.. But like all clouds mine had a silver lining too, i moved to Australia 25 years ago where I started my own text tile design business from home so that I could look after my children and still earn some money. The rest they say is history. Since then I have had the privilege of supplying to leading designers who have made some spectacular gowns. I have since decided to go on line and learn the business of eCommerce and share my textiles with the rest of the world. What started 45 years ago is still my passion today!

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